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St Peter's Traditional

Anglican Church

Brentwood, Perth, Western Australia


A warm welcome awaits those who seek to worship
God in an atmosphere of reverence in
the Traditional Anglican way


Scripture to be the final authority in matters of faith

Confirmation to be a link between baptism and Holy Communion

In the future of the family as a focal point of our society


The sanctity of human life

The covenant of marriage as a life-long union, made before God, between a man and a woman


The Book of Common Prayer to be the basis of faith and order in our Church.

Upcoming Events

We will soon be moving to Unit 5, 27 Augusta Street, Willetton

For further information, please contact Fr Brian -

St Andrew's Parish Council - 4 February 2024

St Peter's Parish Council - 10 February 2024

Ash Wednesday - 14 February 2024 

Management Committee - 17 February 2024

Diocesan Council - 17 February 2024

Good Friday - 29 March 2024

Easter Sunday - 31 March 2024

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