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Our Church accepts that all those who have been baptised “in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost/Spirit” have been validly baptised.  Those who have been baptised using any other formula, have not been validly baptised and need to be baptised.  Anyone who is uncertain as whether or not he or she has been baptised, or whose baptism is doubtful for other reasons, will be “conditionally” baptised.

Parents who have a child to be baptised and those of “riper years” (as the Prayer Book puts it) who wish to be baptised, should contact the Parish Priest, Fr Brian.

The selection of Godparents is important because it is not just an “honorary” office, but one which, we believe, creates a real spiritual responsibility towards the Godchild.  Traditionally, two Godparents of the same sex as the child, and one of the opposite sex, were required.  Being the Godparent of a child is a responsible role so Godparents ought to be practising Christians and, preferably, communicant members of our Church.  If you have any queries or difficulties regarding Godparents, do not hesitate to contact the Parish Priest who will be able to advise and guide you.

Some preparation is required.  Adult candidates for baptism and/or confirmation are expected to undergo a period of instruction and confirmation is often administered at the same time as the baptism.  Adult candidates do not require Godparents, but they may, if they wish, have “sponsors” whom they feel may be able to encourage them on their spiritual journey.

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