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Our priests are registered as marriage celebrants under the relevant statute of the State of Western Australia.

Christian teaching is that marriage is the life-long union of a man and woman which exists (where possible) to bring children into the world.  This must be understood and accepted by those seeking to be married in our Church.

At least one of the parties must be validly baptised (see BAPTISMS).

If either party is divorced with a former spouse still living, a church wedding is impossible without the consent of the Bishop.  Please bear in mind that such consent, if given, may take some considerable time to obtain.  The Priest who will be conducting the service would be happy to discuss this requirement with you.

The canons (laws) of the Church require those entering into marriage to receive some form of preparation for marriage, regardless of age or history.  This will be discussed with you when arrangements are made for the date and venue of your wedding.

Please note that our Church does not perform weddings during Lent or on Sundays.  Because a wedding is a Sacrament of the Church as well as being an act of public witness to the Christian understanding of marriage, it should, where possible, be conducted in a church building.  

Marriage rites authorised by the Church reflect the Christian view of marriage.  Consequently, the writing of personal marriage vows is not permitted.

For further information contact the Parish Priest who will be happy to provide you will full details of the Church’s requirements.

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