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Our Priests will provide a Christian Funeral Service for any baptised Christian in consultation with the members of the family of the deceased and in accordance with the approved practices and forms of service of the Church.   


The following are some of the matters you will need to discuss with the priest who will be conducting the service:


1. Readings

The readings are taken from the Bible.  It is usual to select one or two psalms and a reading from the Old and/or New Testament.  The priest will be able to assist you in your selection.  Readings from secular writings are generally unacceptable, but may be allowed at the priest’s discretion, if he considers them appropriate

2. Music and Hymns

Some secular music is acceptable, again check with the priest.  The Eagles/Dockers club song and “I did it my way”, for example, would be unacceptable - if they must be used, the wake would be the place to use them.  You will find that, generally, the deceased’s favourite hymns are acceptable.


Please contact Fr Brian.

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